Tutorial photoshop: Efecto de texto Piratas del Caribe

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En este tutorial de photoshop, te enseñaré cómo crear un efecto de texto sucio, roto y sangriento. Es de nivel intermedio, puedes encontrar algunos pasos algo más complicados pero seguro que podrás hacerlo sin problemas.

El efecto está inspirado en la tipografía de Piratas del Caribe y creo que queda muy muy bien.

pirate text flatten 2 500x291

Para completar este tutorial necesitarás descargar esto:


Concrete Texture

Dirt Brush

Crack Brush

Step 1

Let’s create a new document with black background (size doesn’t matter here) – load the concrete texture into Photoshop and select a portion of it as shown below:

1 sel 500x277

Copy and paste the selection to our document, use a soft erase to remove some parts of the texture to create some depth to the image:

1 erase 500x279

Add the following 2 image adjustment layers on top of this texture layer:

Black and white

1 bw2


1 lv1

And you will have the following effect:

1 effect3 500x280

Step 2

Use the font we downloaded, type some texts onto the centre of the canvas:

2 type 500x272

Apply the following layer blending options to this text layer:

2 drop sha1 500x350

Bevel and Emboss

2 bevel1 500x350

Gradient Overlay

2 grad1 500x350


2 stroke1 500x350

Reduce the layer opacity of this text layer to around 50%, and here is the effect so far:

2 effecty 500x147

Duplicate this text layer once and increase its layer opacity to 100%, move this duplicated layer slightly towards the top left, to create a fake 3D effect for the text:

2 move eff 500x161

Step 3

Now we can add some dirt texture onto the text. Load the selection of the text layer as shown below, then create a new layer on top of all previous layer, and use the dirt brush to paint some texture on this new layer:

Here is the effect after painting the dirt texture:

3 paint 500x136

Make sure you don’t over paint – a subtle effect will do:

3 paint 2 500x391

We can also use the same method to add some crack texture onto the text as shown below:

3 crack 500x338

As you add the crack texture, make sure you adjust the brush size to fit the text size for a better result:

3 crack 2 500x237

and here is the effect so far:

3 effect1 500x148

Step 4

Now we can add some blood effect onto the text. To do this, you can again use the dirt brush with a dark red colour, paint some blood splash on a new layer:

4 paint blood 500x315

4 paint blood 2

We can also add some blood dripping effect with the following steps: Create a new layer and use a solid red brush to paint a single dot as shown below:

4 paint 3 500x292

Use the liquify filter to warp this red dot and form a dripping effect:

4 blood drip 500x338

Attach it to the text and use the free transform to adjust its shape if necessary:

4 free trans 500x442

Then change the layer blending mode of this blood dripping layer to “color burn”, and you will have the following effect:

4 color burn 500x336

Duplicate this blood drip layer a few times, scatter them around the text (resize them as you see fit) for more effect:

4 dup 500x149

Step 5

Now let’s add some lighting effect on the text. Create a new layer on top of all previous layer and use a soft white brush to do a single click on the new layer:

5 paint

Then compress it down with free transform tool:

5 compr

Duplicate this layer once and rotate it 90 degree clock-wise:

5 rote 500x453

Merge those two layers together and attach it to the position shown below:

5 effect

Step 6

We’re almost done! For some final touches, we can flatten the image and sharpen the text a little with the Smart Sharpen Filter, and use the Selective Color filter to apply some red blood colour on it:

Hint: Set this selective colour layer opacity to be around 50% for a subtle blood effect

6 neu

6 black

Add the following Curves and Levels adjustment layer for adding some contrast and depth to the text:


6 curves


6 lv

Layer mask on the levels adjustment layer:

6 lv mask 500x281

As you can see, now the text will have more contrast and the blood looks more realistic:

6 after lv 500x258

and here is my final effect for this tutorial: (click to enlarge)


pirate text flatten 2 500x291


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